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Martin Garage Doors Select Line are reliable, charming garage doors that will stand the test of time. With our variety of colors, windows and panel styles, you’re sure to find a garage doors that will perfectly complement your home. Lasting beauty with a value price tag.

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Traditional - Select Collection


Martin Garage Doors Traditional model is a reliable, charming garage door that will stand the test of time …
Traditional Brochure

Signature - Select Collection


Martin Garage Doors Signature model offers a unique carriage house style combined with durability and quality …
Signature Brochure

Cornerstone - Select Collection


Martin Garage Doors Cornerstone model is the timeless garage door made to complete any home …
Cornerstone Brochure

Legacy - Select Collection


Martin Garage Doors Legacy model is a simple and beautiful garage door with a flat-panel finish …
Legacy Brochure

Gateway - Select Collection


Martin Garage Doors Gateway Model has Lasting Beauty with a Value Price Tag Built to be low-maintenance …
Gateway Brochure


Distinctive, wood-look doors, without the upkeep. The Wood Line is assembled using full composite wood overlays or composite over woodgrain steel. The end result is a beautiful Martin garage door that looks like wood but requires much less maintenance.

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Windriver - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Windriver model is a combination of timeless garage door designs with Natural Woodgrain…
Windriver Brochure

Summit - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Summit model combines the simple elegance of the true flat-panel …
Summit Brochure

Riverstone - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Riverstone model is the timeless garage door made to complete any home …
Riverstone Brochure

Providence - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Providence model offers homeowners a beautiful, low-maintenance, composite wood product …
Providence Brochure

Charterhouse - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Charterhouse model has the Enchanting Wood Look without the Upkeep …
Charterhouse Brochure

Silverlake - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Silverlake doors combine the beauty of natural wood with the low maintenance and durability of steel …
Silverlake Brochure

Chalet - Wood Collection


Martin Garage Doors Chalet model is assembled using full composite wood overlays …
Chalet Brochure


The David O. Martin Collection of garage doors are beautiful, carriage-house style doors to modern all glass. These doors are hand-crafted from heavy-duty, extruded aluminum or copper. These doors are long-lasting and low maintenance. With a variety of designs available, you’re sure to find our select line that will accent your home.

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Athena - David O. Martin Collection


Martin Garage Doors Athena model is also low-maintenance, providing a perfect, long-term solution for your home …
Athena Brochure

Pinnacle - David O. Martin Collection


Martin Garage Doors Pinnacle model garage door is a beautiful, carriage-house style door hand-crafted …
Pinnacle Brochure

Cyprus - David O Martin Collection


Martin Garage Doors Cyprus model draws on the beauty of pure copper in traditional garage door designs …
Cyprus Brochure