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Serving Utah for Over 100 Years

Helping Build Utah for Over 100 Years

Burton Lumber will achieve, through dedication, cooperation, determination, and leadership of all its employees, a level of service, quality, and competitive pricing that is superior to our competition. We will do this in a manner that is profitable to both our customers and to ourselves.

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Burton Lumber is a family-owned building material dealer with a rich history. The company boasts 8 locations throughout Utah, but the property on which the original store was built was part of a farm that Robert T. Burton acquired soon after coming into the Salt Lake Valley as a pioneer. Burton Lumber's business charter dates back to 1911 when Willard C. Burton became the president of the company. In those early days of our business, deliveries were made with horses and wagons.

Burton Lumber on State Street was housed in a simple frame building for many years. In 1939 an unfortunate accident occurred, and the small store burned down. This and the economic slowdown caused by World War II combined to cause real problems for our small company. A new lumber and hardware store which was state-of-the-art for its time was rebuilt in place of the store that burned down. Another small hardware store was added in the Olympus/Holladay area in 1966. In 1983, the State Street store was remodeled again to add more office space. Burton Lumber's Salt Lake Door Shop was created in 1975 and began as a two-person operation from a small shed behind the State Street store. The Door Shop changed locations in 1982 and moved to what was known as the Burton Lumber Project Center in West Valley City. The Project Center built and sold doors, fireplaces, and cabinets. Relocating again in 1986, the Door Shop was moved back to the newly acquired warehouse behind the State Street yard. However, with business booming, it was soon recognized that Burton Lumber's Door Shop needed yet a larger space for its rising production rate. In 1998, the Burton Lumber Door Shop made its next move to a larger building on the west side of the State Street yard.

In October of 1993 Burton Lumber opened a lumber yard and door shop in Washington, Utah. The Truss Plant began in Salt Lake City in 1996 on California Avenue. The Lindon, Layton and Logan branches, each containing a small door shop, opened between 1997 and 1999. One of the biggest changes to the company came in 2003 when the company purchased a 200,000 square foot facility on 30 acres of land near the Salt Lake City International Airport. This new facility combined our State Street yard, Door Shop, Truss Plant and has been instrumental in helping our company to respond to the high demand for building materials.

Burton Lumber has a rich, long-lasting heritage. Although Burton Lumber has grown rapidly and modernized greatly, many things remain the same. Burton Lumber is still a fun place to work. Burton Lumber still provides an invaluable service to the Utah community. When you drive by houses, subdivisions, commercial buildings, and churches, you know that many of the building materials in these structures were provided by Burton Lumber and much of the construction expertise -- wall panels, trusses, doors, and finish work -- was provided by knowledgeable and dedicated Burton Lumber employees. It is this dedication, expertise and customer service that will carry Burton Lumber forward toward the future.

Serving Utah for Over 100 Years

Our Greatest Asset

At Burton Lumber we consider all of our employees to be family, and that’s why most of our employees stay with us over time ... we care. We are proud that the Average Time with the Company is so high, as that means our employees are happy. Corporate Officers - Avg 19 years, Management - Avg 13 years, Account Managers / Sales - Avg 13 years and all employees combined Avg 8 years.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that always go above and beyond, and who make Burton Lumber such a great place to work!











Serving Utah for Over 100 Years

Why Choose Burton Lumber

  • Burton Lumber has a Seasoned and Experienced Sales and Operations Team who anticipate and understand Customer needs.
  • Every Location has Full Delivery Capability from One Ton Pickups to full Semi-Loads; including Forklift delivery.
  • Two Fully Functional Truss Divisions: Southern Utah - St. George and Northern Utah - Salt lake City. Both locations have the ability to Design, Engineer, Manufacture and Deliver any Truss/Floor Package competitively.
  • Exterior/Interior Door Division: On both Exterior and Interior doors we are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of Door Shapes, Sizes and Styles. Whether you are just replacing a single Door or are looking for a supplier for your largest commercial job we can suit your needs.
  • Every Location (excluding Olympus) has a fully functional Door Shop.

Turn-Key Install Services:

Burton Lumber maintains their own Install Fleet Specializing in the following areas;

  1. Highly experienced Installation and Service Teams for ALL available products.
  2. Finish Materials:This gives us the ability to sell you a Turn-Key Finish Package.
  3. Commercial Finish:Our Commercial Finish Install crews are truly an asset to your commercial jobs, not only can Burton Lumber be your source for all your Commercial Specialized Finish Products we now have the ability to offer it as an Installed Package.
  4. Delivery Service:Our Delivery Vehicles range from 1 Ton Flatbed Pickup Trucks to 26 Wheel Tractor Trailers. All of our trucks are equipped with 2 way Verizon Radios for communication with our Qualified Drivers.
  5. Garage Door Division:We are committed to high quality garage doors and repair service for residential and commercial customers. Our garage doors include traditional raised panel to carriage house garage doors in steel, wood, aluminum and glass. We are offering same-day garage door repair service including replacing broken garage door springs. We service all brands and models; ask about our same day service.


Serving Utah for Over 100 Years

Truss Plants & Doorshops


Burton Lumber Northern Truss Plant
1170 South 4400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
Local Phone: (801) 952-3800
Fax: (801) 952-3801


Burton Lumber Doorshop Salt Lake City Utah
1170 South 4400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
Local Phone: (801) 952-3900
Fax: (801) 952-3901


Burton Lumber Southern Truss Plant
1483 East Commerce Drive
St. Geroge, Utah 84790
Local Phone: (435) 674-4737
Fax Number: (435) 674-3555



We Conserve EnergyAll of us at Burton Lumber strive to make a difference and set an example to others, that renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also for the bottom line of any progressive business!

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