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Cascade Windows - Burton LumberFor over 25 years Cascade Windows has strived to provide high quality products at affordable prices. Every Cascade window is carefully designed for the highest energy efficiency that will provide maximum year round comfort that enhances the beauty of your home while maintaining proven structural integrity.Cascade-Window at Burton Lumber

Cascade has a great selection of attractive and distinct styles to choose from. Along with multiple style and unit combinations, they offer multiple glass, hardware and grid patterns so you can configure your window selection (slider, single-hung, picture, casement, awning, bow and bay window; even patio door) to find the perfect balance. We will even create any specialty shape if you just provide us the dimensions!

Cascade Window at Burton LumberWindows are a smart investment to make in your home. Cascade’s stylish and energy efficient products, featuring insulated glass panels, warm edge spacers and dual weather stripping, assure year round comfort while keeping energy costs down. Studies show that Homeowners easily recoup the cost of their window replacements from the added energy savings. All of Cascade’s windows are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money
Energy Star Rating Windows - Burton LumberCascade Windows provides you with innovative, energy efficient windows that begin to pay for themselves as soon as they are installed. Cascade Windows reduce your energy bills and help protect our environment.

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